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Mini Skirt – the absolute classics in the fashion world

The ultra-short skirt for decades been one of the absolute classics in the fashion world and it can be found with certainty in any well-stocked women’s wardrobe. The mini skirt is a revolution in the fashion world, it is became a symbol of female self-confidence.

Minimum Fabric, Maximum Effect

The miniskirt is now an integral part of the fashion world and has prevailed in almost all occupations. Even the British royal family accepted it well.The styling possibilities with the mini skirt are very varied.You can combine them with how high boots, stylish pumps, brogues and Chelsea boots or even killer heels. In addition, miniskirts are perfect with the flip-flops or ballet flats.Depending on the style, weather and occasion the miniskirts can be worn with almost anything – plain t-shirts, stylish blouses, denim shirts or cashmere sweater as well with baggy sweaters, tight jackets, tank tops, busters, denim jackets, biker jackets and blazers.

Miniskirt: The ancient classic

The Mini skirt comes from ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. In ancient times, the hot skirt has been usually reserved for men. In the late 50s this garment makes a revolution in the fashion industry. The miniskirt was followed a short time later from the maxi skirt. The floor-length skirt was regarded as a contrast to the short mini skirt. Later, however, came and mini pants that definitely tip the scales in favour of a short skirt.

In the following years, however, the miniskirt and hot pants again lost importance because long pants for women conquered the fashion market. Today, the miniskirt has established itself in the colourful fashion spectrum as an integral part.The mini skirt is a fashion classic and evergreen, it is an indispensable part of the female wardrobe. You can combine it with almost anything and for any occasion – whether office, lunch or Club – anything goes. The only fashion rule is that you have to wear it with confidence and style!

Long skirts – a possible combination for every season

Long skirts are necessary in wardrobe! Whether elegant Club, stylish or casual while shopping, or at the beach, they can wear for any occasion. The new models are wearable all year round!At least since 2011, long skirts have re-established themselves in the fashion scene.

Long skirts in summer

In summer or in spring, when the sun’s first rays warm the mind, long skirts are perfect. They are not only super comfortable, but also they conjure an elegant feminine silhouette. Long skirts visually lengthen the figure, especially with wedges or high heels. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the summer, you should integrate into your wardrobe a long skirt. In spring and summer, long skirts made of transparent materials are particularly fashionable.

They envelop the body and still allow charming looks. The collections of our favourite shops give a plentiful selection: from multilayer pleated versions in bold colours to casual chiffon skirts in soft sorbet shades, as and long skirts with floral prints. Anyone who has a penchant for discreet long skirts picks the best: a long white skirt with subtle lace appliques.

Long skirts in winter

Long skirts are no longer reserved for the warm seasons and the festival season. New cuts, fabrics and shapes allow the hip statement skirt to wear all year round. The winter specimens are differ from summer ones, usually they are made of materials such as leather, knitwear, denim or velvet. Especially attractive are long skirts in earthy colours, such as black, beige, brown or Bordeaux.

Long skirts have the advantage that you almost can combine with everything. However, if you want to make a fashion statement, you should block long skirts with contrasting details.However, if one chooses if someone decides to put long skirts just above the ankles, he should resort to high-heels.In winter, long skirts combine cool with flat brogues, loafers, and boots and elegant with boho boots.Long skirts are still being interpreted as a possible combination for every season. The fashion spectrum seems far from exhausted!

The wrap skirt is back in fashion!

The wrap skirt today is in women’s fashion! We know the wrap skirt still from the 90-s. At that time, we have the good piece bound particularly in Mediterranean holiday in Majorca or Ibiza around the hips to chill on the beach, or take a leisurely stroll through the palm-lined promenade. However, from this skirt, which was often printed in batik look and rather kitschy solar or floral patterns, the latest pieces are unique.

The wrap skirt has evolved from a critical holiday accessory at the right fashion. The wrap skirt is a favourite of the stars of the New York. Olivia Palermo uses the long, flowing wrap skirt version in black, young actor Lily Collins selects a chic midi-variant in the white layer-look for the red carpet. However, not only in fabrics such as chiffon, jersey and linen wrap skirt is trendy. Model Elisa Sednaoui combines bright red leather wrap skirt with leather jacket and shows that the wrap skirt can also be hot and sexy.

At a wrap skirt made of leather is also fashion icon and designer Nicole Richie, which was released to the New York fashion show of Marc Jacobs in a black copy. It can be combined also with white tank top and a sparkly headband as a romantic break to the rock combo. Hip designers such as Reed Krakoff, Proenza Schouler, Porter Grey or Aquascutum also made the wrap skirt already a coveted piece of their collections.

Whether in a baby blue mini version, the midi-long ethno look or as futuristic shiny wrap skirt in silver, the wrap skirt thanks to the creative designer has many faces. The wrap skirt is expertly styled by the geometrical shape. Who wants to be fashionable up-to-date, should follow the example of Nicole Richie and put on more modern variants of leather wrap skirt.

For the office, however, a patterned wrapped skirt also is allowed. It is advisable to use such colours as green or red, berry colours or earth tones. The wrap skirt is perfect also for children. For little princesses are suitable wrap skirts in pink or purple, floral or bold prints.