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Mini Skirt – the absolute classics in the fashion world

The ultra-short skirt for decades been one of the absolute classics in the fashion world and it can be found with certainty in any well-stocked women’s wardrobe. The mini skirt is a revolution in the fashion world, it is became a symbol of female self-confidence.

Minimum Fabric, Maximum Effect

The miniskirt is now an integral part of the fashion world and has prevailed in almost all occupations. Even the British royal family accepted it well.The styling possibilities with the mini skirt are very varied.You can combine them with how high boots, stylish pumps, brogues and Chelsea boots or even killer heels. In addition, miniskirts are perfect with the flip-flops or ballet flats.Depending on the style, weather and occasion the miniskirts can be worn with almost anything – plain t-shirts, stylish blouses, denim shirts or cashmere sweater as well with baggy sweaters, tight jackets, tank tops, busters, denim jackets, biker jackets and blazers.

Miniskirt: The ancient classic

The Mini skirt comes from ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. In ancient times, the hot skirt has been usually reserved for men. In the late 50s this garment makes a revolution in the fashion industry. The miniskirt was followed a short time later from the maxi skirt. The floor-length skirt was regarded as a contrast to the short mini skirt. Later, however, came and mini pants that definitely tip the scales in favour of a short skirt.

In the following years, however, the miniskirt and hot pants again lost importance because long pants for women conquered the fashion market. Today, the miniskirt has established itself in the colourful fashion spectrum as an integral part.The mini skirt is a fashion classic and evergreen, it is an indispensable part of the female wardrobe. You can combine it with almost anything and for any occasion – whether office, lunch or Club – anything goes. The only fashion rule is that you have to wear it with confidence and style!